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Position: Sales


Bachelor’s degree required with a preference for a major in business or business management.

5+ years in sales with experience in meeting and exceeding goals successfully.

Experience selling to the C-Suite and conducting/leading executive level meetings.

Ability to learn quickly and on-the-fly with demonstrated ability to understand the needs of a client’s business and apply the solution that New Amsterdam provides.

Ability to self-develop a sales pipeline (existing book/network preferred).

Knowledge of social media platforms/social selling.

Must be: accountable, assertive, competitive, confident, creative, driven, emotionally-intelligent, empathetic, engaging, enthusiastic, high-endurance, innovative, intentional, outcome-focused, persevering, persistent, persuasive, relationship-oriented, self-aware, self-reliant, service-oriented, spontaneous, strategic, and success-oriented.






Mid six-figure earnings potential with the highest payouts in the industry.


Please contact us and we will supply you with an email address to send your resume.