Learn Ten Things About Individuals In Five Seconds

Name, company, position, age, gender, education, the location of origin, attitude, environment, and most-importantly if they are busy or not. These are just a few of the many things we can learn about individuals within the first few seconds of a conversation. If not by phone and in person, you can learn even more. This information can help you in determine quickly if this person is a prospect or not. It also can provide you with information to move the sales process forward on a personal level by taking an interest in that person. Think of how you will respond based on what you’ve learn about someone.

“The more you prepare beforehand, the more relaxed and creative and effective you’ll be when it counts.”

-Bill Parcells

17 Question To Ask Yourself Before 2019!

The answers will guarantee you greater success in 2019!

What did I accomplish this year?

Rate your year from one to ten.

What obstacles/challenges did I run into?

What could I do more, better, or different based on these experiences?

What habits/behaviors must I continue?

What habits/behaviors must be eliminated or minimized?

What will I accomplish this year?

Do these activities align with my ultimate goal?

In what ways will I make sure these activities happen?

What obstacles am I likely to encounter?

How will I handle them?

What will be gained by doing so?

How will that impact me personally/professionally?

How will you hold yourself accountable?

What have I learned from my experiences this year?

What am I thankful for?

What will continue to drive me forward?


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