If you have good handwriting skills…write thank you and other types of notes your clients or prospects would appreciate.  Why?  Less than four percent of all mail sent through the post office is personal.  Nobody else is doing it!  Talk about a way to separate yourself from the crowd!

When do you send a note? Quite simply to compliment, congratulate, for referrals, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays (other than religious), religious holidays, graduations, special occasions, phone conversations, meeting someone, and promotions.  There are countless other reasons available to write.

What if your handwriting is “chicken scratch?”  Stick to emails, or use online firms like Bond to send handwritten cards produced by machines.  With printed letters, you can add a small written comment in the margin to add a personal touch.  You can also add just a few words below your signature.

It’s the little things you do that can make all the difference!

“Acts, not words.” 
-Spencer Trask