Be careful when you discount.  It could come back to haunt you.

A friend of mine was selling sales training when he came upon a prospect that had been interviewing other sales training organizations.  The prospect my friend was talking to was having a difficult time in getting his salespeople to stop offering discounts. The prospect liked what he heard from my friend and started inquiring about price.  Almost immediately the prospect blurted out “the competition is offering a 50% discount for their program. What do you have to offer in way of a discount?” The firm was also a well-known sales training firm.  My friend just simply asked the prospect “why would you hire a sales training firm to conduct sales training on how to stop discounting when in fact they are doing the same thing you’re trying to stop?”

By discounting to quickly, you’re likely to destroy all the work you’ve done to build up value and your reputation.

“Business is nothing but teaching.” 
-John Patterson