I recently attended a sales seminar where the presenter stated quite emphatically that one should never discount. Then, right before a break in the presentation, he declared that if you purchased a book today with cash you were eligible for a discount!

I asked him during the break how is it your offering a discount when you told us not to.  His response, just do it once.  OK, I said. That night I went to his website only to discover more discounts! Wow! Guess whose reputation was shot?

Discounting can get you into trouble. If done incorrectly you could end up being asked to discount everything all the time.  Even worse, you encourage prospects to ask for even greater reductions in price.

Exhaust every opportunity to build value before discounting.  If you ever offer discounts, make sure it’s a one-time offer and communicate it properly.  No exceptions!

“High expectations are the key to everything.” 
-Sam Walton