What do you know about your company; clients’ company; and prospects’ company?   How do you identify opportunities?  Know yourself, your company and the buyer and you create a higher likelihood of success in selling.

Take a look at the following and see how much you know about the selling environment.  

Industry growth prospects; stability; vulnerability; economic outlook; and regulatory environment.  Company history; reputation; product diversification; customer base; sources of revenue; and ownership.  Market position; share; strategy; scope; and competition. Management experience; reputation; historical performance; depth of management; objectives/planning; needs; personality types; and access.  Financial condition; liquidity; leverage; capitalization; quality of assets; and key ratio comparison.  Financial reporting; accounting firm; quality of information; accounting policy/procedures; asset evaluation; and currency exchange exposure.

What information do you have and relevant to make the difference in finding new opportunities?


“Information is the seed for an idea, and only grows when it's watered.” 
-Heinz V. Bergen