For over four decades she sold and took great care of her clients.  Her clients loved her and enjoyed her friendship. She did it without a voice.

My mother had cancer of the throat at age 52. Thus, she lost her voice box.

She died not once, but twice on the operating table.  Her surgery was so radical and invasive, she could not use an electronic voice-box to speak.  That did not deter her.  Within months she learned to speak by use of the esophagus. Soon after, she went back to selling and taking care of her clients. Cancer resurfaced in her lungs less than two years later.  She defeated it and again went right back doing what she loved, taking care of her clients and selling.

She could have called it quits, retired, and collected disability.  She refused.  She always remembered what was most important to her.  She loved her clients, community, and her family too much to quit.  

I always think of my mother whenever I’m having a tough day.  She returned to her sales career and succeeded despite her limitations. AT&T even recognized her for her accomplishments, most of which occurred after her bouts with cancer.  Quitting was never an option.  I often say I can never say, "I'm having a bad day."  She and others around the world had, or are currently experiencing bad days.  I can only have a tough day.  In those tough days, I reflect upon my mother.  She, still to this day, inspires me and I quickly move on when confronted with a tough situation.

Be thankful for what you have and go forward.  Others around us have much less and gain great success.  The secret is to keep moving forward and never give up no matter what is thrown your way.  Remember the “why” in what you do and success will follow!


   “Never Give Up.” 
-Winston Churchill