There’s the presentation you want to make, the presentation you gave, and the presentation you wish you had made.  Preparation and practice allows you to narrow the difference.

Just practicing is not enough.  Practice makes what?  No, not perfect.  Practice makes permanent! Perfect practice makes perfect!  Prep yourself for each step of the presentation so you execute. You need to know what’s in the best interest of your audience.

You need to be intentional and strategic.  Practice also prepares you for any situation that may arise. Firefighters are intentional with everything they do because their lives are on the line.  They know what to do in any situation. We need to be prepared as well. While our life may not be on the line, what we do does determine the lives of others. 

Video your presentations and focus on the body, voice, and words you use. Ask yourself, “What can I do more, better, or different?”  Also, think about how the setting of the presentation can be changed to compliment your presentation.


'Let us be thankful for the fools, but for them the rest of us could not succeed.”

- Mark Twain