Who is your best client?  What makes that client so special?  If you cloned that client would your life be easier?  Write down the characteristics and traits of companies and individuals you like to do business with.  Seek out companies and individuals you would enjoy assisting in achieving their goals!  

How do you create the perfect client?  Have a conversation with your current clients…all of them.  In addition to identifying common traits and attributes of those you like to work with, you will find out why they are using your products and/or services.  Identify how your products are being used, what benefits have been derived financially, technically, by the user and the client’s company.  It’s this information you will use to identify “likable” clients and how to sell them. 

A client conversation will clarify where your greatest likelihood of success lies.


“Know yourself, know your opponent, and a thousand battles will be won."
-Sun Tze