Throughout your career you will be called to make various presentations before one or many.  How can you make your presentation more clear, concise, and to the point?

My great, great, great uncle Edward Everett once spoke before a large audience in a farm field in Pennsylvania.  After two hours of speaking, a tall man wearing a top hat stood and spoke for little more than two minutes.  

Edward Everett later wrote, “Permit me also to express my great admiration of the thoughts expressed by you, with such eloquent simplicity and appropriateness, at the consecration of the cemetery. I should be glad, if I could flatter myself that I came as near to the central idea of the occasion, in two hours, as you did in two minutes."

Edward Everett witnessed at the Gettysburg Address how exactly to be clear, concise, and to the point.  Spend time thinking about the “core” message and the simplest way of presenting it.  Set yourself up for success.  If you do, you won’t pull what we call an “Uncle Eddie!”

“Want a miracle, be the miracle.”  
-The movie Bruce Almighty