What stresses you out each and every day?  Is it financial concerns, time pressure, and/or resource issue in your life?  If someone could help you in relieve stress, would you give that person the time of day?  Of course you would!

These same stresses that affect the individuals and companies you would love to work with.  If you could communicate that you have helped others successfully handle these stressful conditions they experience, do you think they would give you an appointment?  Of course they would!

Simply start by highlighting a previous success in a face-to-face conversation, email, letter, text, or cold call.  Briefly describe what you did…cut expenses by 30%, raised revenues by 100%, or simply provide peace-of-mind.  Then briefly describe how you did it differently than the competition.  What is your “Patent?”  Remember, you don’t want to sell the competition or current supplier by making similar statements.  Next, provide proof with a success story.  Then, suggest a conversation to see if you might be to assist them like you have for others.  To close it out, ask for two dates/times to meet (there's a purpose for offering two dates/times, do you know?).  If possible go right into a conversation by asking questions.  Always ask permission first.  Do all this in less than one minute and let the prospect talk…Listen and learn! 

“The shot not taken will not score 100% of the time.”
 -Wayne Gretsky