The best way to listen to ensure success is to…LISTEN FROM THE HEART.  Listen for understanding, not responding.  Block out all the distractions around you and don’t let internal prejudices hold you back from learning and gaining valuable knowledge to succeed.  In business and personal conversations these suggestions alone will open the world to you as if you’ve never seen it before!

Are your physical and verbal cues indicating your level of listening? Are you thinking of something else?  Daydreaming?  Cutting people off?  Exhibiting a poor attitude with your posture?  Looking for a fight? Analyzing to words to death?

Is this what you’re doing during a conversation?  All the above are levels of listening that will guarantee you failure in sales.  If you have been accused of these behaviors in the past, think how you can correct them in the future.

“Most of the successful people I've known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” 
-Bernard Baruch