Think of the last time someone complimented you.  Did it feel good?  If it felt so good, why do we fail to give compliments?  Most individuals fear a compliment won’t be taken as sincere.  One way to make someone’s day is to compliment an individual on their traits, attributes, attitude, successes, personality, position, or possessions.  

To insure its sincerity, ask a question based on the compliment.  In addition to showing your sincerity, it also gets the other person talking about themselves quickly.  What subject do people like to talk about most?  Themselves! 

Focus more on the world around you and give more compliments.  It will allow you to instantly connect with people and gain valuable information needed for successful in business.

“Most arts require long study and application, but the most useful of all, that of pleasing, requires only desire.” 
-Lord Chesterfield