Here is a list of suggested ideas a person should consider prior to a meeting.  Every situation is different so adjust accordingly.

Be prepared and no excuses;
Send meeting assignments ahead of time;
Send agenda out for review and alterations;
Define the why for the meeting;
Define purpose of meeting;
Ask, does this meeting contribute to our goal?;
Know who is going to be there;
Think like it’s a chess match (understand purpose in the larger scheme of things);
Know the meetings environment and technology available;
Have supplies ready;
Set up room for maximum participation and engagement;
Positioning of participants according to intended outcome;
Let people know who will represent you if you are unable to attend;
Plan to let others run segments or the meeting;
Email all documents relating to the meeting ahead of time and let people prepare;
Know and give notice to location, length, and other pertinent details; and
Set Q&A process and rules.

Just a few suggestions to make a meeting more efficient and effective.