Here is a list of suggested ideas a person should consider for a meeting. Every situation is different so adjust accordingly.

Be on time, arrive five to ten minutes early;
Stick to allotted time blocks;
Set out agenda and objectives in the opening;
Stay on agenda/topic;
Assign action items;
Summarize each topic and the meeting;
Meeting leader: facilitate a meeting, don’t dominate it;
Listen to understand, not respond;
Eye contact;
Don’t interrupt. Lead a conversation;
Active and meaningful participation;
Select volunteers, never ask;
Establish and communicate rules and protocol that align with the culture;
Fun start and finish;
Make it an engaging event;
Make sure bad news is communicated properly and turned into a positive;
Action steps are clearly and accurately defined; and
Decisions and actions don’t contradict each other.

Just a few suggestions to run meetings more efficiently and effectively.