It’s amazing how many sales people call me up and say they can cut costs and/or increase my revenues without knowing one single thing about me.  They say “I know I can…” 

Problem is, they haven’t earned the right to say that. You earn that right by asking good questions.  Instead, highlight a previous success and suggest the results might be the same or better for them.  This creates a sense of professionalism and consulting approach to selling.  This also sets you up for referrals no matter the outcome of the sale.  Even if you fail to get the business, you can ask for referrals.  “From our discussions, it’s apparent we will not be able to assist you. You would admit that this process has helped you? In addition, you have seen how we operate and it’s likely you know someone in a situation that could benefit by way of our work.  Who is it (describe typical client and issues) you know that we may be able to assist?”  Most likely you will get a referral because of your professionalism.  Imagine if you said you could do it and then you couldn’t deliver.  What’s the likelihood of a referral?  Always set yourself up for success.

“Every passing minute is a chance to turn it around.”