Just recently completed a leadership program and asked the participants to list best practices for being a coach at work.  Here is the unfiltered list.

Identify needs
Identify talent
Identify solutions
Identify opportunities
Define outcomes
Be collaborative and conversational
Listens and understands needs
Encourages questions
Plans coaching sessions
Clear and understandable instructions
Provides skills to empower change
Defines expectations
Sets rules, standards, and guidelines
Demonstrates – lead by example
Be focused on improvement/winning/success
Behold a positive attitude
Facilitate growth working together
Motivate, not manipulate
Personal touch “soft skills”
Challenge-push to proper limits
Move others out of comfort zone
Provides “Just-in-time” feedback
Coach individuals and the team collectively
Let go and give ownership to someone you are coaching
Be honest and do the right thing (integrity)
Build trust first
Capitalize on a person’s strengths
Improve good behaviors
Change bad behaviors
Address one behavior at a time
Be supportive
Make it fun

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