Asking emotional questions in the questioning phase, in a proper manner, helps to identify what is truly important to the decision maker.  To know more about the personal side of the decision maker will help you to tailor the solution for the company and at the same time help the decision maker in achieving their personal and professional goals.  You sell not only to a company but to an individual or a group of individuals.

Ask questions that identify the feelings a person will have if a project is successful.  What benefit will they and others around them derive from a successful project?  What will it mean to them personally?  Take it deeper when they say more money, more time, better allocation of resources.  Drill deeper! “What are they going to do with it?”  By doing so, you are differentiating yourself from the competition and demonstrate an interest in their personal goals.

Read a book on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or a book on the emotional needs of individuals.  Discover the emotional states we live in and how they motivate us each and every day to do what we do.  Taping into these emotional states will move people to act quickly!

“The greatest secret in selling: Show people what they want most, and they will move heaven and earth to get it.”
-Frank Bettger