The following was delivered with a coffee mug while I was running my investment firm.  It was very appropriate to what I was doing at the time and very humorous.  Disclaimers are a bit big in the investment world. The coffee mug is long gone, the memory has not faded.

The next time you deliver a gift to a prospect or client, be creative and relevant.

DISCLAIMER: Contents may be extremely hot, Please handle with care. This mug does not constitute a buy or sell recommendation. This mug may be fragile when dropped from 10,000 feet. We will not be responsible if you dump your coffee onto your keyboard, lap, shirt or other people. Caffeine may make you nervous. Caffeine may impact your ability to drive a vehicle or to rebalance your portfolio. The Surgeon General recommends you not fill this cup more than three times in any given hour. Past mug performance is not indicative of future mug performance. The photo is not indicative of actual size as actual sizes may vary. Please do not stand on this device. This mug is to be used only with the open end facing upward. Warranty is void if you drink coffee while standing on your head. This mug does not claim to be compliant with the Federal Clean Air Act, Regulation FD or Sarbanes Oxley. To be used with tea, coffee, soda, water, a fruit juice.  Storing pencils, pens, erasers, rulers or loose change in this mug has not been fully tested and should be avoided. This mug may not be used as a floatation device. Handles may occasionally break off over time. Do not place the mug on an open fire or electric burner. It accidentally ingested, please contact your physician immediately. Mug should be thoroughly washed before each use. Spilled coffee may stain your carpet. Never leave children under the age of five alone with a filled coffee mug. Contents may burst under pressure. If you are taking any medication, please speak to your doctor before using this product. This mug is not a solicitation for Mug Root Beer, mug shots, muggings, muggy weather or a general aura of smugness. There is no recommended daily allowance for coffee.