The negotiating programs are designed  to refine an individual's negotiation skills.  Individuals and teams will be able to deal with difficult negotiation behaviors and tactics.  Examples of previous programs are listed below.

Topics of interest include: Communications; Conflict Resolution; Contracts; Control and Use of Emotions; Creating Innovative Solutions; Crisis Negotiations; Dispute Resolution; Facilitation; Family Relationships; Financial Negotiations; International Negotiations; Judgment/Decision Making; Listening Skills; Mediation; One-on-One Negotiations; Personal Negotiations; Planning; Positioning; Presentation Style; Psychology; Relationship Management; Research Skills; Sales Negotiating; Strategy and Tactics; Team Negotiating; and Techniques.


Negotiate for Change:  Learn how to analyze, design, prepare and implement a negotiation to effect change; handle difficult conversations; get "buy-in" from all parties; meet the logical and emotional needs of all parties.  Discover how to motivate, influence and negotiate change! Learn the tools, techniques and tactics that enable you to negotiate change.  Create change by maintaining a flexible position that successfully counters the actions of the other party.


Strategic and Innovative Negotiations:  Become an intentional negotiator by understanding the negotiation process; learn the psychological tools necessary to be a successful negotiator; lean innovative ways to create value in the negotiation process; gain valuable techniques and tactics to be successful.  Learn the critical steps to become an effective negotiator.  Attain skills that will allow you to get the other party to do what you want them to do and feel good about it!


100 Questions Every Negotiator Needs to Ask:  Set yourself up for success.  Learn the most important questions that will reveal the insight needed to plan your strategic moves.  Ninety percent of all negotiators simply don't prepare well by asking these crucial questions.  


Top Ten Techniques/Top Ten Mistakes in Negotiating:  Learn the top techniques and tactics utilized by top negotiators; learn to avoid the most common mistakes; become more intentional when negotiating.  To become a top-notch negotiator, you must utilize the most effective negotiating techniques available.  At the same time, avoid the mistakes that destroy any negotiation.  You’ll learn negotiating skills, processes, techniques and avoid pitfalls to assist you in achieving your desired results.


Open Forum on Negotiation Skills:  Have a question on Negotiating?  Questions on any subject related to negotiating will be answered.  Get the answers in this open informative fast paced forum.

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