The assessment below will give you insight as to where to focus your engagement in this program.  It also allows us to tailor the program to meet the needs of the participants.

Please rate your proficiency in each of these competencies.

Name *
I am strong at prospecting.
I am strong at networking.
I use social media on a regular basis.
I am strong at initiating rapport.
I transition to business with ease.
I am strong at discovery, questioning, and fact-finding.
I listen to understand.
I am strong at analyzing information
I invest time in preparing my presentations.
I posses strong presentation and communication skills.
I create and communicate value with ease.
I handle objections with ease.
I am skilled at closing.
I posses strong negotiating skills.
I utilize emotional intelligence in selling.
I present confidence.
I think in terms of the other persons interests.
I have high client retention.
I provide a great client experience.
I posses total control over my life.
I have great confidence in everything I do.
I manage my time well.
I manage stress well.