Hello, this week's goal is to communicate in terms of our prospect's interest. One way to accomplish this is to eliminate I from our texts and our emails.  Here's the challenge. Look at your emails and texts.   If you have more than two I in any email or one I in any text, you're probably not communicating in terms of your prospect's interests.  We can do three simple things to change this.  First, get "I think, I know, I believe," out of what we say. Start your sentence from that point forward.  Second, use inclusive language like we. Or the third, let's restructure a sentence in terms of your prospect's interests. Quick example, you might say, "I would love to have an appointment with you on Tuesday afternoon or Thursday morning." Let's change that to, "Let's have a conversation Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning." Subtle little differences make a big difference regarding how our prospects will react to what we communicate, whether it be in emails, texts, and even face to face.  Get the “I” out of here!  

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