How do you respond to initial objections?  Simple.  Ask two types of questions.  

The first type is designed to see if the objection is a real concern.  Ask a question based on the objection.  “I don’t have time right now.”  Most sales professionals would ask to call back later.  Truth of the matter, it’s likely just to get rid of you.  So ask, “Tom, time is important to all of us, is you company having some great success I haven’t heard about?”  Say it with positive excitement.  Play off the response based on the answer given.  This may lead to you playing psychologist - to help someone through a tough time.  After they have vented, they will most likely open-up to you.  Remember, the longer you hang on, the chances of success significantly increase. Show some backbone by being strategic.

The second type of question is a survey type question.  “Before I leave you, what is it you look for in a company you do business with?”  "How are you currently handling the new regulatory requirements?"  Think of survey questions that will leave the door open for you to continue a conversation.

Try it out and adjust accordingly.  Have an awesome day selling!