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Starting September, 2018


"By and large, life will give you what you deserve and it doesn't give a damn what you like. So it is up to you to take full responsibility to connect what you want with what you need to do to get it, and then to do those things."

- Ray Dalio -


Our fifty-two-week interactive online membership will strengthen your selling skills.  Through our weekly ten to twenty-minute instructional video, weekly Accountability Call running forty-five to ninety minutes, video and audio archives, and private community forum, you will improve your ability to sell and influence others.

Think of your membership as your weekly skill improvement sessions.


Well Defined Outcomes

Build confidence
Strengthen your attitude
Move strategically through any situation
Understand the "why" of everything you do
Communicate efficiently and effectively
Understand the use of psychology in influencing and selling
Possess skills to motivate and influence individuals
Possess a flexible process to make things happen
Sell and influence via any technology
Avoid the biggest mistakes
Embrace best practices
Face any adversity
Be more productive every day
Create time to achieve more
Take control of your life
Make better decisions
Negotiate anything with ease
Present confidence
Handle any pressure-filled situations
Create the life you want
Become a leader
Understand and execute ethically
Set yourself up for success


Efficient Prospecting and Effective Networking

Prospect effectively and find opportunity quickly
Use social media effectively
Find the most profitable opportunities
Quickly implement a strategic plan for every prospect
Understand your prospects needs
Make networking productive


Engaging Conversation

Create a great first impression
Become a great conversationalist
Become a better listener
Uncover a person's values quickly
Create relationships with ease
Establish trust and credibility

Get Appointments

Get others excited about what you do
Differentiate yourself from the competition
Get any appointment you want with the right person
Handle any up-front objection
Set yourself up for successful appointments

Gain Valuable Information

Open appointments with confidence
Gain valuable information in a conversation
Understand logical and emotional needs of the buyer
Become a strategic questioner
Draw information from a difficult or reluctant individual
Maximize the best use of information
Create and seize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
Increase units per sale
Increase your margin per sale


Differentiate and Create Value

Provide value to the prospect or customer
De-commoditize your product and/or service
Create value that exceeds price and expectations
Differentiate your product and service
Avoid selling the competition
Provide insight valuable today and tomorrow
Tailor the solution to the emotional and logical needs


Present Confidence

Properly prepare a presentation
Structure your presentation logically
Utilize emotions to influence
Communicate effectively with different personalities
Effective storytelling
Create powerful virtual presentations
Enhance your voice to engage
Communicate non-verbally effectively
Set the environment for your presentations


Handle Any Objection

Get excited about objections
Handle any objection
Understand why price is never an issue
Never discount again


Negotiate With Confidence

Negotiate effectively and efficiently with confidence
Utilize a flexible process to navigate any negotiation
Understand the dynamics of a negotiation instantly
Create viable negotiable options quickly
Deal with difficult individuals
Turn a weakness into a strength
Handle over 150 negotiation tactics used against you


Closing Any Deal With Ease

Set yourself up for a successful close
Learn the best close in the world
Close with confidence
Utilize closing techniques that fit your style
Never worry about the close


Endless Referrals

Create an endless number of qualified referrals
Fire clients and get referrals at the same time


Client Experience

Train your clients' behaviors
Create an experience
Handle any post-sale issue
Gain 100% client retention



Take responsibility for yourself and others
Define your values
Create a vision
Implement your vision
Communicate more effectively and efficiently
Develop effective persuasion techniques
Motivate and influence others
Develop stronger time management skills
Master decision-making skills
Become more creative and innovative
Hold yourself and others accountable

...and a whole lot more!


Sustained Learning

This is not your one-and-done type of training.  This membership is for a full-year!  Specifically designed to reinforce lessons learned. 


Weekly Skill Video

Begin every week with valuable tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately and used throughout the ensuing week.


Video Archive

All videos are archived so you can revisit your weekly video at your convenience.  We will constantly be adding additional videos to address your most pressing concerns regarding sales.


Live Weekly Accountability Call

Learn from other sales professionals as we discuss a variety of sales topics and ongoing deals.

This weekly online conference call is every Friday at noon (EST).* 


Call Archive

Miss a weekly call, no problem!  We archive all calls for your review at your convenience.


Private Community

Private forum for a continual interactive conversation with your peers.


Your Facilitator - Emil Everett

Tap or click here to learn more about Emil and his extensive business experience.  This one-year membership is based on Emil working with thousands of sales professionals over the past twenty years.


Create Who You Want To Be

At the end of this program you will possess the skills necessary to embrace the traits and characteristics of the most successful individuals in the world: 





“Almost anybody can resolve to do a great thing; it is only the strong,
determined character that puts resolve into execution.”
- Oris Swett Marden -

Download the program's marketing sheet.

Full year membership value: $2,795 per person.

This program is likely eligible for a tax deduction.  Please consult your accountant or tax advisor.

*The accountability call is held no less than forty times throughout the year.