Twenty to sixty minute Training session on us!


Solid leadership, sales, negotiation, and communication skills for your team

Get your team fired up!  Learn new techniques to increase success.  Whether your team is gathered together in one room or remotely located around the world, this is a great way to keep your team engaged. 

Pick the topic and time frame, and we will tailor the visit to your needs. 

We will not sell during this session.  The content and facilitation will sell itself.  No need to worry about us "pushing product."

The program will be fast-paced and challenging, providing insight and relevancy to each member of your team.


New Amsterdam

Empowering other with leadership, sales, negotiation, and communication skills to achieve more and make a difference.



First-time Experience

50% off your first half, one, two, or three day program. To learn more schedule a conversation with Emil.