New Business Development

The new business development programs address the needs of individuals and teams seeking to enhance selling skills.  Examples of previous forums are listed below.

Topics of interest include: Building Trust and Credibility; Business Development; Closing Techniques; Cold Calling; Communications; Getting Attention; Goal Setting; Listening Skills; Motivating To Buy; Negotiating; Networking Skills; New Business Development for Attorneys, Accountants and Physicians; Presentation Skills; Prospecting; Questioning Skills; Referrals; Resolving Objections; Sales Management; Selling Process; Selling Psychology; Selling Skills in the Job Search; Stress Management; Tailoring Solutions; Time Management; and Voicemail.


Persuade and Motivate Companies and Individuals to Buy:  Become a more effective sales professional; build instant trust, credibility, and loyalty; defuse hostile and difficult situations; get buyers to embrace your products or services; and persuade and motivate others to buy based on logical and emotional needs.  To become a top-notch sales professional, you must communicate well. Learn to strengthen your selling skills by addressing your message, voice, physical movements, and environment in which you communicate. You’ll learn skills, processes, and techniques to assist you in achieving desired results.


The Ten Best Practices of a Great Sales Professionals:  Learn the secrets of the best sales professionals.  What is it they do day in and day out to grow their business. 


The Ten Best Practices of Great Sales Managers:  Learn and utilize the techniques used by top sales managers to motivate and get individuals to produce more.


Get The Appointments You Want:   Learn processes that will drive individuals to your door.  Acquire an in-depth knowledge of what logically and emotionally gains a person’s attention.  Learn to position your uniqueness in a way that easily generates interest.  After this program, you will possess the skills necessary to persuade anyone to take an interest in what you have to say and offer.  Achieve your goals by getting appointments.


Handle Any Objection...Including Price:  Handle any initial objection over the phone or in person; diffuse any negative person in seconds; get confident and excited about handling objections...look forward to them; learn a simple process to handle every objection;  and learn eight responses that will handle every objection.  Acquire proven communication and selling skills necessary to overcome any objection. Handle any objection at any time in the sales process. We will provide you with a simple process that will handle any objection. By the end of this event you will be prepared and excited about objections!


Impact Goal Setting and Time Management:  Goal Setting and time management is about forcing yourself to be explicit about what you value in your professional and personal life, which in turn helps avoid stress while making you more productive. Learn to manage your life to avoid wasting time, money, and reducing the quality of your life at both work and home.  Learn to set realistic goals, delegate unnecessary work, and avoid procrastination.


Powerful Presentation Skills:  Gain proven presentation skills that will allow you to influence others! Learn the step-by-step process that will make your next presentation an energizing and rewarding experience for your audience. From the opening to the close of your presentation, you will possess the skills necessary in persuading colleagues, selling a client, energizing a team, or presenting an idea to senior management. Whether it’s speaking one-on-one or to a roomful of people, you’ll be a more accomplished presenter after attending this program. Take your presentation skills to the next level so you can achieve your professional goals.


95% of Salespeople Aren't Asking the Most Import Question:  Ninety-five percent of all salespeople are not asking the questions that motivate individuals to buy. Learn the five types of questions critical to sales success.  At this event you will learn to gain and maintain a prospects interest, create a conversation to identify needs, categorize information for negotiating and presentation purposes, sustain control and efficiency, formulate questions you feel comfortable asking, and learn the psychology of questioning.


Open Forum on Selling Skills:  Have a question on selling?  Questions on any subject related to selling will be answered.  Get the answers in this open informative fast paced forum.

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