We empower individuals to achieve more and make a difference.

We make this happen by providing the core skills necessary for professional success. By empowering individuals and teams with influencing, selling, communication, leadership, and negotiation skills, individuals will achieve more and make a difference in their life and the lives of others.



Online: Three-Day Memberships

Insightful deep dive into a topics of interest.  Each program includes a forty-five to sixty minute video and an opportunity to interact with us directly to provide greater understanding and insight.




Take your performance to the next level with customized coaching.



Blended: In-Person Plus Online Customized Training Programs


All in-house customized sales, leadership, communication, and negotiation programs include one virtual session before the program and one forty-five minute virtual follow-up session for each day of training.  All customization and design fees included.



One-On-One Training and Coaching with Emil Everett

Whether you are new to your position or a seasoned veteran, these programs are designed to provide you with intense one-on-one specialized training and coaching.  They are designed to get you to do what you need to do, to be more successful.  No need to sit through several days of a crowded public training program. These programs are highly tailored to your specific needs.

The programs include an initial assessment, one or two days of in-person training, five forty-five minute coaching calls, weekly reinforcement emails for one-year, and email/text support for one-year.




Our offerings are likely eligible for a tax deduction.  Please consult your accountant or tax advisor.