Create Tomorrow Today


Create Tomorrow Today


The Organization

New Amsterdam is a strategic consulting, training, and coaching firm empowering individuals and organizations with professional development skills to achieve more and make a difference.  

The firm, founded by Emil Everett, was created to provide interactive opportunities for individuals and teams to explore timely business issues; gain valuable skills and techniques necessary to be successful; practice and implement new skills and techniques to succeed; tap into the creative thinking to problem solve difficult challenges; be inspired and motivated to do more; and be more focused to achieve strategic initiatives.


Our Programs

Our programs provide an active and educational experience.  An experience that allows individuals and teams to learn and put into action innovative skills and strategies that address their most pressing business concerns.

Our programs focus on leadership, negotiation, and selling skills.  We also focus on communication skills within each of these disciplines.

The content, timing, depth, and delivery of engagement can be tailored to meet the needs of an organization.  Programs can be facilitated in-person, live online, on-demand, or blended.

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The Experience

Exceeding expectations: 99.2% of clients stated we met or exceeded their expectations.  Over 80% of clients, from multi-national corporations to small businesses, said expectations were exceeded.



"Emil is truly a cut above and has proven to be a strategic asset to his client partners. He masterfully leverages his depth of experience and innate skill set to deliver results. He is keen to understand challenges and thoughtfully design solutions that produce long lasting impact. Emil is gifted at genuinely connecting with participants across a wide range of audiences and creating the ideal environment for professional development. He most importantly possesses extraordinary agility in the classroom that drives the learner’s commitment, application, and natural pull through. Emil is a world class resource and trusted advisor. I would highly recommend him to anyone!"

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It all begins with a conversation. A conversation that allows you to address your most pressing challenges and opportunities.