Online: Three-Day Memberships

Insightful deep dives into topics of interest.  Each membership includes a forty-five to sixty minute video and an opportunity to interact with us directly to provide you with greater understanding and insight.  Tap on the images below to learn about current programs.


100+ Ways to Differentiate From the Competition!

Create value now!

Investment: $29.99/ind.

Limited time from $79.99


97% of Salespeople Don't Ask the Most Important Question!

Coming Soon!

Investment: $79.99/ind.


Strategic Negotiations

Coming Soon!

Investment: $79.99




Take your performance to the next level with customized coaching.


Premier Coaching

Investment: $1,199/mo.


Executive and team coaching available.


Blended: In-Person Plus Online


All in-house customized sales, leadership, communication, and negotiation programs include one virtual session before the program and one forty-five minute virtual follow-up session for each day of training.  All customization, design fees, and travel expenses included.  Tap or click here to schedule a conversation to learn more.


One-day in-house customized training.

Investment: $9,750


Two-day in-house customized training.

Investment: $8,650/day


Three-day in-house customized training.

Investment: $7,325/day


Ten-day in-house customized training.

Investment: $5,500/day